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Mrs Samuel Mills

Congregational Library Portrait Collection

Mrs Samuel Mills (née Sarah Savage, born 1739), grandmother of John Remington Mills, the Congregational benefactor


Anatomische Abbidung des Gehirnes (Leipzig)

Dr Williams's Library; George Henry Lewes Collection

Johann Friedrich Schröter (1770-1836), engraver of portraits, anatomical subjects, etc.

Conserved as part of the DWL Adopt Scheme


Robert Forman Horton (1855-1934), minister of Lyndhurst Road, Hampstead


Dr Williams's Library; Portrait Collection

Conserved as part of the DWL Adopt Scheme. (Adopted by Dr John Thompson)


Samuel Say (1676-1743), dissenting minister

Portrait: oil

Dr Williams's Library Portrait Collection; DWL/A/1/24



Dr Williams's Library (Watermark studies undertaken by Jane Giscombe)


Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

See the archive catalogue  for a fuller description of the Watts painting.  At present we are raising funds to restore this painting but more is needed. It is on our list of 'high priority  conservation' works of art.  Clearly the Watts painting has a value far beyond financial considerations alone. It is of great cultural significance and we welcome your interest. 

Recent adoption:  The conservation of this painting has been achieved by donations from Annemyrthe Haas, Dr Alan Argent, Jane Giscombe, Lesley Dean, Peter Young, and the late David Hall.  However the great majority of the sum needed has been given by Prof. Donald A Cress of Wisconsin. 


Nicholas Byfield 1579-1622 (before and after conservation)