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Portrait of Richard Baxter (1615-1691)

Oil painting on canvas., 825x950x75mm, Frame: carved, gessoed and gilded.

Provenance: Attributed to John Riley (1646-1691)

Collection: Portrait


Half length, wearing black.

Inscr. TL. Richard Baxter. | 1615-1691. Gilded wooden plaque on lower frame member ‘Richard Baxter. | 1615, - 1691.  Handwritten octagonal label in ballpoint pen on upper stretcher member ‘WO | 8698 | 2’. Stamped into the reverse of vertical stretcher cross member ‘F Leedham | Liner’.  In graphite on frame sealing tape ‘31’.

Painted Oval.

Frame: carved, gessoed and gilded Lely style frame panel frame, probably contemporary with painting. 

Condition: Scattered raised flakes of paint and ground in background. Paint abraided by previous trestment. Possible grey bloom in black costume. Remains of earlier discoloured coating visible in hollows of paint texture. Frame: over-gessoed and over-gilded. Scatt

Treatment: Reline. Conservation framing, glazing and backing.

For Adoption: £5120.00

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