Book Owners

Signs of ownership.

  • William Bates born in London (1625)

Although it is known that Dr Williams purchased William Bates library after his death towards the end of the seventeenth century it is difficult to work out just which books actually came from Bates’s library. Certain books do bear his signature and motto.

‘Sum Gulielmi Bates,’

Greek motto: ‘Eρχεται νυξ. (‘The night cometh’) [John 9.4];

less often with one or other of two Latin mottoes,

‘aeternitatem cogita’ or ‘vivere desisto, vivere ut incipiam.’

First fly: Sum Gulielmi [cortado]‘Eρχεται νυξ

We find on a parchment cover: (2039.D.2) ‘So correo di Dr Bates’ [‘I am Dr Bates’s courier’].

  • Sara Byfield

  • Patrick Forbes (1564 - 1635) Bishop of Aberdeen?

á¼€φρήτωρ á¼€θέμιστος á¼€νέστιÏŒς ἐστιν ἐκεá¿–νος
ὃς πολέμου á¼”ραται ἐπιδημίου á½€κρυÏŒεντος.

[aphrētōr athemistos anestios estin ekeinos
hos polemou eratai epidēmiou okruoentos]

Clanless, lawless, hearthless is he who loves horrid civil war.

  • Thomas Mannington

Oxford, Magdalen Hall.
Vicar at Bodiam.

  • George Thomason

  • Daniel Williams (c1641 - 1716)

  • Elizabeth Williams (c.1636 - 1698 )