Book Owners

  • William Bates was born in 1625 in London.

Bates’s signs of ownership an annotations. Certain of these books bear signs of ownership. The name of Bates occurs in a few of the It books, but never in Sp books. 2039.D.2: on parchment cover: ‘So correo di Dr Bates’ [‘I am Dr Bates’s courier’].

Various of the books in various languages have annotations by Bates. His handwriting is small, neat, and typified by his Greek e.

  • Sara Byfield

  • Patrick Forbes (1564 - 1635) Bishop of Aberdeen?

á¼€φρήτωρ á¼€θέμιστος á¼€νέστιÏŒς ἐστιν ἐκεá¿–νος
ὃς πολέμου á¼”ραται ἐπιδημίου á½€κρυÏŒεντος.

[aphrētōr athemistos anestios estin ekeinos
hos polemou eratai epidēmiou okruoentos]

Clanless, lawless, hearthless is he who loves horrid civil war.

  • Thomas Mannington

Oxford, Magdalen Hall.
Vicar at Bodiam.

  • George Thomason

  • Daniel Williams (c1641 - 1716)

  • Elizabeth Williams (c.1636 - 1698 )