Manuscript Readers


The Library welcomes all researchers with a need to use the collection.
Please contact

Students who wish to apply for a manuscript readers ticket must first write to the director, Dr David Wykes or Jane Giscombe at outlining their course of study. Once approved you will contact us in advance with your requests to make sure that the items you need to see can be made available.

  1. Manuscripts and rare books need to be ordered in advance of 5 working days
  2. Requests should be sent to
  3. Manuscript and rare book readers will need to register for a manuscript/rare book readers tickets. We ask you to bring a passport, photographic national identity card, or driving licence, and one other item, such as a bank statement, utility bill, or tax charge, with your address.
  4. Tickets must be shown on each visit to the manuscript reading room. (There will be a charge for replacing lost tickets).
  5. A limit of 10 items can be ordered for any one day. This can be waved at the discretion of the library staff.
  6. New manuscript/rare book readers will undergo a ten minute training session on how to handle manuscripts and rare books.

Please familiarise yourself with the access regulations before visiting the Library.